You won’t find it on any map,
but Monte Inferno exists.

It’s the site of a landfill, a mound of garbage and indifference where for the past 30 years toxic waste has been concealed and dumped secretly during the night.

Monte Inferno is located in the center of Italy.

Waste was first dumped here in the 1970s and disposal continues today causing severe damage to the environment and serious health issues to the people who live here. The aquifers are polluted, as is the Astura River that runs along the hill and flows into the sea. The wind carries polluted air into the homes of those who live near the dumpsite and the economy in the area has plummeted. In 1994 Camorra informant Carmine Schiavone stated that in the late 1980s, toxic waste had been buried in the area, and in 1995 Don Cesare Boschin, the Borgo Montello parish priest who had publicly denounced the trafficking of toxic waste in the area, was murdered. The investigation into his death was closed after a few months and no one was charged.

It all begins with the location,
because geography knows no justice.

The landfill may be omnipresent, but it is hidden from sight. Monte Inferno is a location rich in facts, news, things that happen but the project will focus on the things that don’t happen, on the immobility in which the people in the area live, on the human nature of people who had chosen farmland on which to live by and wound up with worthless poisoned earth. People who in the past had high hopes for the future.

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